Ultra Slim Ceramic Heater

White Python
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Item number: 10662

Size: 60W

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With the Ultra Slim ceramic radiant heaters, White Phyton has developed a professional heat source that generates just as much heat as comparable products, but is less than half the height. Thanks to the smaller lamp, the terrarium inhabitants have more space for climbing or sunbathing and reptile fans have more options for creating a species-appropriate habitat for their pets.

The heat source directly under the high-quality infrared heater invites you to fill up on heat and also increases the temperature in the rest of the terrarium. Because the Ultra Slim ceramic lamp emits only heat rather than light, it is suitable for both day and night use.

The Ultra Slim ceramic lamps can only be operated with the White Python heat protection & reflectors. The use of a thermostat is recommended so that the temperature can be controlled and remains constant.

Size: 60W
Net weight: 0.176 kg
Gross weight: 0.216 kg
White Python

A heat shield & reflector that can be mounted in a practical way and small yet powerful ceramic radiant heaters: innovation is a top priority at White Python. Unlike other suppliers of terrarium technology who simply repackage familiar products, the British company develops its own unique products.

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