King Catnip

The strong, aromatic scent of King Catnip organic catnip magically attracts most cats. The popular herb comes from an organic catnip farm located in Seattle in the foothills of Mount Rainier. It is not for nothing that this location is considered ideal for the plant: it offers excellent climatic conditions. The pure water from the mountain glaciers also contributes to the good growing conditions, making fertilizers and chemicals superfluous. For the organic catnip toys, the loose catnip and the catnip spray, only the leaves of the catnip are used because they give off a more attractive, more effective and longer-lasting scent than the stems, which are often found in cheap products from other brands. However, King Catnip does not simply throw away this plant component. The stems are used to make the catnip sticks, which are a natural dental care product.

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